Client/Advocate Stories

Dr. Garcia

Supportive housing gives individuals an opportunity to be successful in the community, to be successful in their own lives. It’s a ‘whatever it takes’ approach.


Wrap around services are key component to supportive housing. Michael from Heritage Clinic provides services to the older adult community in San Diego county.


It’s a peace of mind to know that you have a door you can lock. Supportive housing works, and it helps individuals regain stability in their lives.


Homelessness seems to be quite common for individuals with severe mental illness. Brandi, program manager for NAMI San Diego has seen the positive impacts of supportive housing.


A stable home with social and mental health services result in a 70% increase in recovery. Housing Matters! Alex is in school and building stronger relationships with her family and friends.


A home is where recovery began for Mercedes, who lived on the street with her infant daughter. Housing Matters to all of us. It gave Mercedes hope.


Supportive housing gives homeless persons with psychiatric disabilities hope. It gave Sean a stable home and the services he needs to live a productive life. Housing Matters to all of us. It is the first step to recovery for homeless persons with mental health challenges.